Our Services


Has an illness prevented you from caring for your pets? Going away for business or pleasure? Long hours at work? Just can't seem to get around to taking the dog for a walk? Don't have time for doggie waste removal?

                      We have the purrfect solution!

DOG WALKINGWe will come to your home and take your dog for a 30 minute walk. A daily walk will greatly benefit a pet that has been in the house all day, a puppy or senior dog that need a potty break

PET/HOUSE SITTING: Daily visits to your home include appropriate exercise, nutrition, grooming, scooping litter, affection, administering medication, play time, and of course, any necessary clean-up. Also any personal care for your home, including trash duties, plant watering, mail, etc.

OVERNIGHT PET CARE: The same great services we provide during our daily visits, but your pet will have company through the night. Great for pets with special needs, elderly pets that need a late night potty, or pets that just can't sleep without their human companions! Hours are from 7:30pm to 6:30am.

TRAINING ON ELECTRIC/INVISIBLE FENCE: Want a professional without professional prices? We will train you and your pet on your pet containment system.

PET TAXI: Don't want pet hair in your vehicle? We love pet hair! We will provide a car service to pick up and/or drop off your pet at veterinary appointments, doggy daycare, grooming, etc.

WASTE REMOVAL: Waited too long to pick up the doggie droppings in your yard and just don't have the time to do it now? We have expert fecal engineers and will drop in anytime day or night and do it for you! Add poop scooping as a service to a dog walking or pet sitting visit. Tools are carefully sanitized to protect from spread of parasites and diseases between homes. After our experts do their job, you can enjoy your yard again---poop free.

EMERGENCY VISIT: When you just can't get home to your loved ones on time and need them cared for without advanced notice.




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